• Who and what are Saints?

    The stories of these saints span across cultures and religions, showcasing the universality of their divine connection. These individuals are not bound by any single faith but rather serve as bridges between the spiritual and earthly realms. They are revered for their humility, compassion, and the extraordinary wisdom they bring to those who seek their counsel.


    A saint's journey often begins with a mystical experience or a profound awakening. Many describe feeling an inexplicable calling from a young age, an inner compulsion to seek a deeper connection with the divine. This calling is relentless, and as they surrender to it, their lives transform into a quest for spiritual enlightenment.


    The ability to access Divine information is a profound gift granted to these saints. They often describe their experiences as transcending time and space, entering a state of profound meditation where they commune with the divine presence. This connection allows them to receive guidance, prophecies, and wisdom that can shape the destinies of individuals and communities.


    The saints' connection with angelic beings is equally profound. They often speak of ethereal encounters with beings of light, messengers who guide them in their spiritual quests. These celestial interactions are considered moments of unparalleled grace and enlightenment.


    One of the most famous saints in this regard is Saint Aria, a Sufi mystic who lived in the 13th century. She spoke of conversations with angelic beings who imparted secrets of the universe, filling her heart with boundless love and compassion. Her teachings centred on unity and harmony, and she remains a beacon of wisdom for seekers of all paths.


    Another famous Saint is Abdul Qadir Al Gilani, who was born in Gilani, Iran and Rumi who was also born in Iran.

    There are many stories that detail the miracles that Saint Abdul Qadir Al Gilani was granted, the many sacred texts that he has written about his direct communication with God.


    The legacy of these saints is far-reaching. Their wisdom has been passed down through the ages, guiding people on their spiritual journeys. Whether it's through sacred texts, oral traditions, or the personal experiences of those who seek their counsel, the teachings of these guardians of divine knowledge continue to inspire and transform lives.


    The stories of these saints reveal the profound connection between humanity and the divine. Their ability to access Divine information and commune with angelic beings is a testament to the boundless potential within every human soul. It reminds us that, regardless of our faith or background, we all have the capacity to connect with the sacred and embrace the wisdom that transcends the material world.