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    At The Spiritual Truths we are dedicated to exploring and sharing authentic spiritual wisdom while discarding erroneous or misleading guidance. We delve deep into the essence of spiritual truths, seeking clarity and understanding.

    Our primary focus is on providing accurate spiritual guidance and enlightenment, helping you navigate your spiritual journey with confidence and discernment.


    By fostering an environment of open-minded inquiry, we aim to empower individuals to connect with the truth thereby fostering spiritual growth and transformation.


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    Who are spiritual guides?

    Saints can ONLY be chosen by God.

    Many people are often being misled by those who do not have the correct information for those who are seeking spritual guidance. Spiritual guidance can only be given by those who have direct contact with the Divine.


    Divine guidance has to be void of opinions by those who guide, as only the One God is the true guide and communicates directly with those whom He has chosen to guide others.


    The individuals chosen by God to spiritually guide others are Angels, Saints and God Himself.


    So how do you distinguish between a Saint and an ordinary human being? Saints are ONLY chosen by God. A human being CAN NEVER choose who is a Saint as they do not have the necessary knowledge to make that discernment. When a Saint has been anointed by God, they will without doubt know that they are a Saint.
    Saints would have seen God and at times Angels. Saints are also able to know about you and your ancestry.
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